Project in Brobyværk

skafte project with Fjernvarme Fyn - district heating expansion in Brobyværk

Skafte A/S was in cooperation with Fjernvarme Fyn to expand the district heating network in Brobyværk.

Fjernvarme Fyn is owned by Odense and Nordfyns municipality and covers about 97% of the heating requirement in Odense and surroundings - which represents more than 90,000 households.

In this project, the district heating pipeline had to cross a small river in Brobyværk.

A flexible stainless pre-insulated (FHK) Flexwell district heating pipe was selected for this task and Skafte A/S delivered 2 x 85m pipes - 147 / 220mm DN125, PN25 (304).

The district heating pipe was shot directly under the creek without using casing. FHK district heating pipe is a particularly suitable pipe with its stainless steel tube - while the pipe has a stainless steel carrier pipe, which is just below the PE jacket. Between the PE jacket and the stainless steel carrier pipe is a layer of bitumen mastics that ensures that the pipe is tight even at scratches in the outer shell because it closes for leaks.

FHK pipes and Casaflex pipes are especially suitable for district heating distribution, and are delivered in long rolling lengths and are also delivered with alarm monitoring.

The entire project was from the assembly of drilling machines, as well as the installation of unwinding device, drilling preparation etc. carried out on the same day - therefore the blockage of the area, traffic genes etc. was minimal due to the rapid installation time of a controlled drilling. There was only one passable road for the residents in the area, which made the time for execution a particularly important factor - not least for the residents of the area.

Watch the video of the project here:


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