Environment policy

Most of the products that Skafte A/S is trading have its purpose to increase the safety of persons and the environment against unwanted influence of the substances that are transported.


  • We only wish to trade products, which is designed, produced and documented to increase the safety for both persons and the environment, in its accurate usage.

  • We insist that our suppliers at least to match up the national demands about safety and protecting the environment. We will as far as possible influence suppliers to impose higher demands for safety and protecting the environment, both in product and production.

  • We will bring in protecting the environment and aspects of safety as a critical factor, when advising our customers. Through an open and honest dialog we will guide the customer to make the choice from these factors.

  • We will in all internal and external functions aim for the highest grade of utilization of resources, minimising waste and recycle inevitable waste.

  • We want to secure the implementation of our environment policy by imposing it as a separate chapter in out ''High-quality-handbook''.
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