DL 450

DL 450

An overpressure leak detector for the monitoring of double-walled tanks.

The leak detector DL 450 has a quite high alarm pressure of 450 mbar and still can be used on tank with a test pressure of minimum 600 mbar.

Therefore tanks with diameters up to 2,9 meter and densities of the stored product up to 1,47g/cm3 can be monitored.

Depending on the application we offer drying filters in different sizes to realise operation with low maintenance requirements. The variation of the leak detector DL 450 FC includes for the dry filter control FC. With the dry filter control the functioning of the dry filter is checked with each run of the overpressure pump and in case of insufficient dry air an alarm indication will be given. Condensation of humidity in the interstitial space followed by corrosion due to non maintenance of the dry filter will be avoided.

With the variation of the leak detector DL 450 M the pressure in the system is indicated with a digital display in the front of the box. The Variation DL 450 P offers weather protection if required. The Variation DL 450 PFCM offers all options. 

Each leak in either one of the walls will be indicated before any product an enter the environment.

A Class I leak detection system in accordance to the European standard EN 13160.

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