DLR-P 2.0+4.5 petrol station

DLR-P 2.0+4.5 petrol station

DLR-P … the one with less maintenance.


  • is an integrated overpressure pump realizes 100% continuous pressure monitoring with little maintenance as small pressure losses are compensated automatically.
  • has a dry filter reduces the humidity of the used air to avoid condensation and corrosion in the interstitial space
  • is ideally for pressure less pipes on petrol stations like fill pipes, suction pipes and vapour recovery pipes
  • also ideally for the reorganization of pipes with static leak detectors, which have frequent alarm conditions because of minor untightnesses.
  • optionally DLR-P .. in plastic housing for indoor use or DLR-P .. PM weather protected for outside use.
  • has a standard of dry relay contacts for alarm transmitting on all types.
  • has different versions available depending on the operating pressure in the inner pipe:

    DLR-P 1,1: for pressure less pipes
    DLR-P 2,0: for pipes with 1,0 bar operating pressure
    DLR-P 2,3: for pipes with 1,3 bar operating pressure
    DLR-P 2,5: for pipes with 1,5 bar operating pressure
    DLR-P 3,0: for pipes with 2,0 bar operating pressure
  • air as leak detection media, no nitrogen bottle required

All leak detectors are in conformity with the European standard EN 13160 and fulfil the highest environmental protection level. 

€Caution: not to be used together with pressurised pipes together with submersible pump systems. Not recommended for pipes with inner pipe made from plastic if liquids with flash point below 55°C are conveyed.

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