DLR-P CV plastic pipes

DLR-P CV plastic pipes

Overpressure leak detector based on air in various pressure levels especially adapted to the needs of double-walled plastic pipes.

The DLR-P ... CV is equipped with a non-return valve in the connecting line, which prevents the backflow of gases in the direction of the leak detector (zone reduction). Thus the leak detector can be used for pipes having a low permeation. The functional test can be done quickly and easily with the SGB Testing device. The test pressure of the interstitial space must be minimum 5 bar. 

  • air as leak detection media, no nitrogen bottle
  • an integrated overpressure pump realizes 100%
    continuous pressure monitoring with little maintenance
    as small pressure losses are compensated
  • a dry filter reduces the humidity of the used air to
    avoid condensation in the interstitial space
  • Dry relay contacts for alarm transmitting are standard
    in all types
  • ideally for pressure less pipes on petrol stations like
    fill pipes, suction pipes and vapour recovery pipes
  • also ideally for the reorganization of pipes with static
    leak detectors, which have frequent alarm conditions
    because of minor untightnesses.

Different versions available depending on the
operating pressure in the inner pipe:

DLR-P 1,1 CV: for pressure less pipes
DLR-P 2,0 CV: for pipes with 1,0 bar operating pressure 

Caution: not to be used together with pressurised pipes combined with submersible pump systems.€ All leak detectors are in conformity with the European standard EN 13160 and fulfil the highest environmental protection level.

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