A complete safe and continuous monitoring of up to 12 tanks and 12 pipes by pressure leak detection technology. Tanks as well as pipes are monitored separately by two pressure leak detection systems based on air overpressure.

In case of pressure loss an alarm starts immediately before any product can pollute the environment. LDU14 conforms class I of European standard EN 13160.


Advantages and benefits:

• Slight container taking less space (390 x 320 x 1202 mm)

• Solid metal box

• Easy installation

• Easy control and maintenance of pneumatic parts

• Standard positioning of manifolds

• Particular big dry filter

• Electronic monitoring of the unit for an easy and fast annual function test

• Combined solutions for tanks and pipes


Variations available:

Only for tanks
• LDU14 T330 1-12 tanks

Only for pipes
• LDU14 P1.1 1-12 pipes
• LDU14 P3.5 1-12 pipes

Combinations for operating tanks and pipes
• LDU14 T330/P1.1 1-12 tanks and 1-12 pipes
• LDU14 T330/P3.5 1-12 tanks and 1-12 pipes

Example on vacuum/pressure

Example on vacuum/pressure

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