Calpex - District heating UNO/DUO

Calpex - District heating UNO/DUO

Calpex is a flexible, endless and self-compensating district heating pipe system of the highest quality.
The pipe systems of Calpex is in front by energy savings with its insulation class 6. The pipe has a very low lambda value (0.0199 W/mk) which helps reduce heating costs and increases energy efficiency for the benefit of the environment.

Calpex district heating has corrugated contours and patented outer casing which provides a very high
degree of flexibility during laying and reliably protects against mechanical influences.
Further, it makes it possible to achive small bending radii and to guide the pipe around tight curves along the route with low force exertion.

Rollers of Calpex district heating is delivered in customer-specific pipe lenghs - and can be delivered in large quantities without welded joints.


  • Carrier pipe: Peroxide cross-linked (PEXa) with oxygen diffusion barrier
  • Insulation: CFC-free, pentane-blown, flexible polyurethane foam
  • Jacket pipe: Sinusoidal corrugated, seamless extruded polyethylene (PE-LD)
  • Dimension UNO: DN20 (3/4") - DN150 (6")
  • Dimension DUO: DN20+DN20 (3/4"+3/4") - DN65+DN65 (2,5"+2,5")
  • Operating pressure: 6 PN
  • Operating temperature: Max 95°C

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