Flexible, endless, pre-insulated, self-compensating pipe system for district heating or drinking water.  The media pipe consists of cross-linked PEXc, and is VA approved for drinking water.

Calpex Alu is an extremely energy efficient pipeline with its incredibly low lambda value of 0.0199 W/mk - beneficial for both the environment and operating costs.
Futher, the pipeline has a diffusion barrier that ensures insulation capacity is maintained throughout the product's lifetime.

Calupex can be delivered as single, double- or quadruple pipe systems.


  • Carrier pipe: Cross-linked (PEXc) with diffusion aluminium layer
  • Insulation: CFC-free, cyclopentane-blown polyurethane foam (PUR)
  • Jacket pipe: Linear polyethylene, low density (LLD-PE), seamlessly extruded
  • Dimension: DN20 (3/4") - DN80 (3")
  • Operating pressure: 6-10 PN
  • Operating temperature: Max 95°C


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