Flexwell FHK

Flexwell FHK

Flexwell FHK is a flexible and pre-insulated district heating cable consisting of a multi-layer anti-corrosion protection outer PE-LD jacket, a corrosion protection layer and an outer steel jacket. Furthermore the pipeline has PUR insulation, monotoring wires and a helically corrugated stainless steel carrier pipe. Flexwell FHK is also self-compensating.

Because of its flexibility and the high loading capacity of its casing is the district heating cable particularly suitable for the horizontal directional drilling. Horizontal directional is used wherever valuable surfaces require protection or difficult crossings would otherwise have to be constructed.

Flexwell FHK is ideal for transporting district heating, cooling, drinking water, condensate and isothermal transport of liquids.

The pipe can be laid in both soil and water without any problems.

Monitoring wires are a fixed part of the Flexwell FHK pipe and therefore allow for leakage detection of the pipeline, if wanted - including Brandes and Nordic alarm systems.


  • Carrier pipe: Corrugated medium pipe made of nickel chromium steel
  • Insulation: CFC-free, flexible polyurethane foam (PUR)
  • Jacket pipe: PE-LD
  • Dimension: DN20 (3/4") - DN150 (6")
  • Operating pressure: 25 PN
  • Operating temperature: Max -170°C to +150°C


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