Premant UNO/DUO

Premant UNO/DUO

Premant UNO/DUO is a solid pre-insulated district heating pipe system, consisting of an outer PE-HD jacket, PUR insolation and a carrier pipe, which (depending on the use situation) consist of steel or stainless steel.

Premant is ideal in the fields of:
- Transporting district heating
- Hot domestic water
- Condensate
- Isothermal transport of liquids

This district heating pipe can be leak monitored if wanted - including Brandes and Nordic alarm systems.


  • Carrier pipe: Steel
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam (pentane-blown)
  • Jacket pipe: PE-HD
  • Dimension UNO: DN20 (3/4") - DN1000 (40") Insulation Series 1 - 2 el. 3
  • Dimension DUO: DN20 (3/4") - DN1000 (40") Insulation Series 1 - 2 el. 3
  • Operating pressure: 25 PN
  • Operating temperature: Max 160°C


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