Petrex CNT

Petrex CNT

Petrex CNT is a flexible single-walled pipe system designed for the underground transport of flammable, water-hazardous fluids on petrol stations.

The fuel pipe consists of a corrugated stainless steel carrier pipe with an outer protective and diffusion proof PE-LD jacket.

Petrex CNT is often used as:
- Suction pipes
- Vapour recovery stage I and stage II
- Vent pipe

The corrugated inner medium pipe ensures excellent flexibility and ease of laying. PETREX-CNT® can be cut to the required length at the construction site and, where necessary, bent through tight radii.


  • Carrier pipe: Stainless steel
  • Jacket pipe: PE-LD
  • Dimension: DN25 (1.1/2") - DN100 (4")
  • Operating pressure: 10 PN

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