Secon X

Secon X

Secon X is a flexible, double-walled pipe system with a helically corrugated inner pipe made of stainless steel and an encasing mantle pipe made of PE separated by struts.

This pipe system was specially developed as a fuel carrier pipe for petrol stations.

Application areas:
- upply lines as positive pressure pipe
- supply lines as suction pipe
- ventilation, vapour recovery and vapour displacement pipes

Secon X is both diffusion and corrosion-proof, and its corrugated carrier pipe makes it extremely flexible, which makes it possible to be laid through narrow bending radii. This enables very simple and fast laying.

The fuel pipe Secon X can be leaked monitored - Class 1 according to EN13160.


  • Carrier pipe: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: DN25 (1") - DN100 (4")
  • Operating pressure: 10 PN

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